Ep. # Ep. Name Season Airdate Jerry George Elaine Kramer
1The Seinfeld Chronicles (Pilot)0July 5 1989Jerry is disappointed when he learns his overnight visitor has a boyfriend.George accompanies Jerry to a laundromat and discusses Jerry's future houseguest.(absent)Kramer spoils a taped Mets game when he reveals the results to Jerry.
2The Stakeout1May 31 1990Jerry and George stakeout the workplace a woman he met at a party.George stakes out a woman with Jerry and wants to be introduced as an architect.Elaine drags Jerry to a birthday dinner for her friend.Kramer tries to help Jerry's mother in a game of Scrabble.
3The Robbery1June 7 1990Jerry learns his apartment has been burglarized when Kramer leaves the door open.George shows Jerry an apartment for rent, but decides he'd like to have it himself.Elaine stays at Jerry's apartment while he is away.Kramer makes his very first sliding entrance to Jerry's apartment .
4Male Un-Bonding1June 14 1990Jerry tries to "break up" with his old childhood friend.George tries to exchange thousands of coins for bills at a bank.Elaine helps Jerry invent excuses to avoid socializing with his unwanted friend.Kramer seeks investors for his pizza place where "you make your own pizza".
5The Stock Tip1June 21 1990Jerry and George buy stocks that plunge, and his weekend at a B&B with a new girlfriend flops.George convinces Jerry to buy stocks that take a tumble.Elaine dates a man who chooses his cats over her.Kramer tries to talk Jerry into selling a failing stock.
6The Ex-Girlfriend2January 23 1990Jerry dates a woman who doesn't like his comedy act.George breaks up with his annoying girlfriend, who then starts dating Jerry.Elaine is upset when her neighbor suddenly stops exchanging pleasantries.Kramer persuades Jerry to buy his fruit from Joe's fruit stand.
7The Pony Remark2January 30 1991Jerry fears his insensitive remark at a dinner party hastened the death of an elderly relative.George decides there is no chance he could ever have sex again.Elaine is interested in the apartment of Jerry's recently-deceased relative.Kramer plans to remodel his apartment in "levels".
8The Jacket2February 6 1991Jerry and George meet Elaine's frightening father.George accompanies Jerry to meet Elaine's father for dinner.Elaine is late to a dinner with her father, Jerry and George.Kramer takes care of a cage full of doves for a friend.
9The Phone Message2February 13 1991Jerry dates a woman who likes a Docker's commercial that Jerry hates.George dates a woman he thinks is ignoring him, so he leaves a series of rude phone messages for her.Elaine gives George the idea of switching tapes on a phone answering machine.Kramer makes fun of Jerry's girlfriend for liking a Docker's commercial.
10The Apartment2April 4 1991Jerry regrets helping Elaine to rent an apartment directly above him.George tests his theory that wearing a wedding band will make him more attractive to women.Elaine enlists the help of Jerry in getting an apartment directly above him.Kramer experiments with hair mousse.
11The Statue2April 11 1991Jerry suspects his male housekeeper has stolen his statue.George desperately needs a statue that was stolen from Jerry's apartment .Elaine works with an obnoxious writer who's boyfriend cleans Jerry's apartment .Kramer poses as a cop to retrieve a statue that Jerry's housekeeper stole from him.
12The Revenge2April 18 1991Jerry suspects a laundromat worker of stealing money from him.George tries to slip his boss a mickey when he won't rehire him after he quit.Elaine distracts George's boss while George tries to slip him a mickey.Kramer pours a bag of cement in a washing machine when Jerry suspects the laundromat of stealing from him.
13The Heart Attack2April 25 1991Jerry struggles to recall an idea for a joke he wrote down in the middle of the night.George has a false heart attack and see's a holistic healer for a tonsil problem.Elaine dates a doctor she meets while visiting George in the hospital.Kramer takes George and Jerry to his holistic healer friend.
14The Deal2May 2 1991Jerry attempts to revive his physical relationship with Elaine while not compromising their friendship.George gives Elaine cash for her birthday.Elaine tries to revive her physical relationship with Jerry, while not compromising their friendship.Kramer gives Elaine the bench she wants for her birthday.
15The Baby Shower2May 16 1991Jerry gives in to Kramer's insistance that he get an illegal cable hook-up.George plots revenge on an old girlfriend who is the guest of honor at a baby shower.Elaine hosts a baby shower in Jerry's apartment .Kramer talks Jerry into getting an illegal cable hook-up.
16The Chinese Restaurant2May 23 1991Jerry bumps into a co-worker of his uncle's while waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant.George tries unsuccessfully to call a girlfriend while waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant.Elaine is overwhelmed by hunger while waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant.(absent)
17The Busboy2June 26 1991Jerry accompanies George and Elaine to a restaurant where busboy gets fired.George accidentally gets a busboy fired and tries to makes things right with him.Elaine is disenchanted by her houseguest boyfriend and tries to get him out of town asap.Kramer accompanies George to a fired busboy's apartment .
18The Note3September 18 1991Jerry accidentally gets his dentist friend in trouble for prescribing unnecessary massages.George worries that a massage from a man may have inappropriately excited him. Elaine gets a free massage prescribed by Jerry's dentist friend.Kramer thinks he sees Joe DiMaggio in a donut shop.
19The Truth3September 25 1991Jerry enlists the help of George's accountant girlfriend to do his taxes.George breaks up with his nutty girlfriend, leading to tax troubles for Jerry.Elaine is annoyed by Kramer's presence in her apartment while he dates her roommate.Kramer dates Elaine's roommate and makes a coffee table out of a windshield.
20The Pen3October 2 1991Jerry visits his parents in Florida with Elaine, and has a scuba diving accident.(absent)Elaine hurts her back sleeping on a sofa bed while she and Jerry visit his parents in Florida.(absent)
21The Dog3October 9 1991Jerry feels obliged to care for the dog of a drunken airline passenger.George goes to a movie with Elaine and realizes they have nothing in common except Jerry.Elaine and Jerry bad-mouth Kramer's ex-girlfriend and are sorry when Kramer re-unites with her.Kramer reunites with an ex-girlfriend whom Jerry and Elaine have been bad-mouthing.
22The Library3October 16 1991Jerry is hounded by a Library Investigator for a book he failed to return in high school.George relives the terror of his high school gym teacher.Elaine fears for her job after recommending a manuscript to her boss.Kramer brings a bookish librarian out of her shell.
23The Parking Garage3October 30 1991Jerry and the gang can't find their car in a mall parking garage.George is arrested for public urination in a mall parking garage.Elaine tries to keep her new gold fish from dying in mall parking garage.Kramer lugs an air conditioner while looking for his car in a mall parking garage.
24The Café3November 6 1991Jerry regrets suggesting that his neigbor change his restaurant to serve Pakistani food.George enlists the help of Elaine to cheat on an IQ test given by his girlfriend.Elaine helps George cheat on an IQ test given by his girlfriend.Kramer distracts Elaine as she tries to take an IQ test in Babu's restaurant.
25The Tape3November 13 1991Jerry is intrigued by a woman's erotic message left on his tape recorder during his comedy act.George orders a cure for baldness from China and develops a crush on Elaine.Elaines leaves an erotic message on Jerry's tape recorder during his comedy act.Kramer plans to retrieve the jacket that makes him irresistable to women, and videotapes Elaine pretending to be a porn star.
26The Nose Job3November 20 1991Jerry dates a woman of questionable intellect, and wonders if he's letting a body part other than his brain make his relationship decisions.George encourages his girlfriend to get a nose job, which is horribly botched.Elaine helps Kramer retrieve his jacket from a man who once dated Kramer's mother.Kramer retrieves his jacket from a man who once dated his mother.
27The Stranded3November 27 1991Jerry accompanies George and Elaine to a party in Long Island.George strands Jerry and Elaine at a party to go home with his sexy co-worker.Elaine argues the evil of fur coats with George's co-worker at a party in Long Island.Kramer rescues Jerry and Elaine when they are stranded at a party in Long Island.
28The Alternate Side3December 4 1991Jerry deals with a difficult car rental agency when his car is stolen.George fails miserably when he takes over the job of jockeying cars in Jerry's neighborhood.Elaine dates an elderly man who has a stroke before she can break up with him.Kramer gets a line in a Woody Allen movie.
29The Red Dot3December 11 1991Jerry accidently causes Elaine's alcoholic boyfriend to fall off the wagon.George buys a second-quality cashmere sweater for Elaine and has sex with an office cleaning woman.Elaine catches George in his attempt to look extravagant, and her alcoholic boyfriend falls off the wagon.Kramer tests the odiferous qualities of a mouthful of scotch.
30The Subway3January 8 1992Jerry befriends an obese exhibitionist on the subway.George misses a job interview when a sexy woman on the subway shows interest in him and later robs him.Elaine is late to a lesbian wedding due to delays on the subway.Kramer overhears a hot tip on a horse race while riding the subway.
31The Pez Dispenser3January 15 1992Jerry puts a PEZ dispenser on Elaine's leg during a piano recital, and hosts a drug intervention.George dates a woman who is humiliated when Elaines bursts into laughter at her piano recital.Elaine leaves a piano recital in a laughing fit when Jerry puts a PEZ dispenser on her leg.Kramer tries to sell his perfume idea to Calvin Klein.
32The Suicide3January 29 1992Jerry dates a woman who is his neighbor's girlfriend, after the man goes into a coma.George gives his vacation away to Kramer after a psychic predicts doom.Elaine is overwhelmed by hunger while fasting before getting an xray.Kramer takes George's vacation tickets and ends up befriending supermodels.
33The Fix-Up3February 5 1992Jerry plots with Elaine to set George up with her friend.George goes on a blind date with Elaine's friend and is ecstatic when he learns she might be pregnant.Elaine sets her girlfriend up with George and is sorry when she learns George may have impregnated her.Kramer receives a gross of cheap condoms from a friend.
34The Boyfriend (Part 1)3February 12 1992Jerry meets Keith Hernandez and acts like a silly school girl as they become friends.George schemes to get an extension of his unemployment benefits.Elaine dates Keith Hernandez, making Jerry jealous of both of them.Kramer and Newman confront Keith Hernandez about a spitting incident after a Mets game.
35The Boyfriend (Part 2)3February 12 1992Jerry relents and goes with Kramer to "see the baby", and is upset when Keith Hernandez asks him to help him move.George dates his unemployment officer's daughter in order to extend his benefits.Elaine breaks up with Keith Hernandez when she learns he smokes.Kramer accidently injures "the baby" while visiting with Jerry, and volunteers to help Keith Hernandez move.
36The Limo3February 26 1992Jerry regrets taking a limo at the airport with George, which was intended for the leader of a neo-nazi union.George accompanies Jerry on a limo ride with neo-nazi groupies.Elaine accompanies Jerry and the gang on a limo ride with neo-nazi groupies.Kramer and Elaine accompany Jerry and George on a limo ride with neo-nazi groupies.
37The Good Samaritan3March 4 1992Jerry dates a woman who is a hit-and-run driver, then realizes he'd rather date the victim.George dates Elaine's married friend after she is impressed when he "God blesses" her.Elaine drags Jerry and George to dinner with her married friends.Kramer discovers that Mary Hart's voice causes him to go into convulsions.
38The Letter3March 25 1992Jerry dates a woman who is an artist and who write him a touching but plagiarized letter.George is forced to buy a painting from Jerry's artist girlfriend.Elaine refuses to remove her Baltimore Orioles cap while sitting in the owner's box at a Yankees game.Kramer poses for a painting by Jerry's artist girlfriend and gets hit on the head by a foul ball at a Yankees game.
39The Parking Space3April 22 1992Jerry watches as George and a friend fight over a parking space.George fights over a parking space in front of Jerry's apartment building.Elaine returns from a flea market with George and watches him fight for a parking space.Kramer is offended when he learns that Elaine and George went to a flea market and didn't invite him.
40The Keys3May 6 1992Jerry asks Kramer to return his spare keys after Kramer invades his privacy one too many times.George gets involved in a furious key-swapping upheaval. Elaine gets involved in a furious key-swapping upheaval. Kramer follows his dreams to Los Angeles after Jerry insults him by asking for his spare key back.
41The Trip (Part 1)4August 12 1992Jerry flies to Los Angeles with George to be on The Tonight Show and to find Kramer.George flies to Los Angeles with Jerry to find Kramer and annoys a couple of TV stars.Elaine vacations in Europe with her psychiatrist boyfriend.Kramer is suspected of being a serial killer, killing his dreams in Los Angeles.
42The Trip (Part 2)4August 19 1992Jerry and George visit Kramer in a Los Angeles jail after Kramer is accused of being a serial killer.George allows a serial killer to run free when he fails to close a police car door while in Los Angeles.(absent)Kramer is jailed in Los Angeles on suspicion of being a serial killer, is let free and returns to New York.
43The Pitch4September 16 1992Jerry is approached by NBC executives in a comedy club who want to work with him on a sitcom.George works with Jerry to develop a sitcom and starts dating NBC executive Susan.(absent)Kramer throws up on George's girlfriend and has his life saved by a wearing a helmet.
44The Ticket4September 16 1992Jerry and George sell their sitcom idea to NBC, and Jerry throws away the watch his parents gave him.George and Jerry successfully sell their sitcom idea to NBC.(absent)Kramer foils Newman's hope of getting out of a speeding ticket.
45The Wallet4September 23 1992Jerry lies to his parents about the watch he threw, away when they visit him in New York.George tries to get more money out of NBC for the pilot, but ends up getting less.Elaine returns from Europe and worries that her psychiatrist boyfriend has complete control over her.Kramer annoys Jerry by offering to have the watch that Jerry threw out fixed.
46The Watch4September 30 1992Jerry negotiates to buy his watch back from his uncle, who found it in the trash.George surprises an NBC executive at his apartment and convinces him to reinstate the pilot deal.Elaine tries to break up with her controlling psychiatrist boyfriend by convincing him she is in love with Kramer.Kramer pretends to be Elaine's boyfriend to help her break from her psychiatrist boyfriend.
47The Bubble Boy4October 7 1992Jerry agrees to visit a boy living in a bubble in upstate New York.George and Susan invite Jerry and Elaine to stay with them at Susan's parents' cabin.Elaine goes to upstate New York with Jerry to visit the Bubble Boy and to stay at Susan's partent's cabin.Kramer accidently burns the cabin down by leaving a lit cigar on the mantle.
48The Cheever Letters4October 28 1992Jerry and George struggle to write the script for the pilot episode of their sitcom.George and Susan tell her parents that their cabin burned down.Elaine talks to a co-worker about her lengthy chats with Jerry whenever he calls Elaine at work.Kramer trades his beloved jacket for a box of Cuban cigars.
49The Opera4November 4 1992Jerry fights with an opera patron when he tries to scalp his extra tickets.George wears a too-tight tuxedo to the opera.Elaine discovers that her new boyfriend is really Crazy Joe Davola.Kramer gets tickets to the opera and invites the gang.
50The Virgin4November 11 1992Jerry dates a woman who is a virgin and a professional closet organizer.George gets Susan fired when he kisses her at a meeting of NBC executives.Elaine accidently runs into a Chinese food delivery boy who then threatens to sue her.Kramer gets hooked on watching TV at Jerry's apartment .
51The Contest4November 18 1992Jerry loses his virgin girlfriend when she learns he and the gang have entered a contest to see who has the most "self-control".George gets caught pleasuring himself by his mother, then enters a contest of self-control.Elaine enters a self-control contest with the gang but has to give odds because she's a woman.Kramer is forced out of the self-control contest early, after watching a nude woman in a nearby building.
52The Airport4November 25 1992Jerry meets a model in First Class while Elaine sufffers in Coach.George angers a convict at an airport when he and Kramer go to pick up Jerry and Elaine.Elaine suffers through a flight in Coach, while Jerry lives it up in First Class.Kramer goes to the airport with George to pick up Jerry and Elaine, and stalks a man who's owed him money for years.
53The Pick4December 16 1992Jerry gets dumped by his model girlfriend when she thinks she saw him picking his nose.George reunites with Susan then picks his nose to get her to break up again with him.Elaine is mortified when she discovers that her nipple shows in a Christmas card.Kramer shoots a photo of Elaine for her Christmas card, confronts Calvin Klein about his perfume idea, and becomes an underwear model.
54The Movie4January 6 1993Jerry attempts to do his comedy act and see a movie on the same night.George is frustrated by a theater ticket taker who won't let him back in without his stub.Elaine tries to hold seats in a movie theater and ends up losing her coat.Kramer retrieves Elaine's lost coat from a movie theater.
55The Visa4January 27 1993Jerry accidently causes his neighbor to be deported when he fails to give him his misdirected mail.George pleads with Jerry to act miserable so that his girlfriend will think he's funnier than Jerry.Elaine is threatened with a law suit by a delivery boy's lawyer cousin, who is dating George.Kramer returns from a baseball camp after punching Mickey Mantle.
56The Shoes4February 4 1993Jerry and George visit an NBC executive at his apartment , and is miffed when his unaffectionate ex-girlfriend kisses Kramer.George jeopardizes the pilot deal when an NBC executive catches him staring at his daughter's cleavage.Elaine is annoyed by comments on her designer shoes, and saves the pilot deal by causing an NBC executive to fall for her.Kramer gets Jerry's unaffectionate ex-girlfriend to warm up.
57The Outing4February 11 1993Jerry and George are mistakenly pegged as a gay couple by an NYU reporter.George is mistaken for Jerry's gay partner by an NYU reporter.Elaine refuses to take off her coat.Kramer buys Jerry a defective two-line phone.
58The Old Man4February 18 1993Jerry volunteers to visit an elderly man and loses him on the way to a dentist.George volunteers to visit an elderly man who quickly drives off in disgust.Elaine volunteers to visit an elderly woman who once dated Ghandi.Kramer and Newman try to relieve an old man of his valuable record collection in order to sell it.
59The Implant4February 25 1993Jerry dates a woman who he suspects of having fake breasts.George flies to the funeral of his girlfriend's relative and tries to get a bereavement discount on the flight.Elaine tries to figure out if Jerry's girlfriend's breasts are real.Kramer thinks Salman Rushdie belongs to his health club.
60The Junior Mint4March 18 1993Jerry accompanies Kramer to observe surgery and accidently drops a Junior Mint into the patient's incision.George invests in Elaine's boyfriend's artwork when he thinks the man may die in surgery.Elaine becomes re-attracted to her ex-boyfriend when he loses weight after losing her.Kramer eats Junior Mints while observing surgery with Jerry, and accidently drops one into the patient.
61The Smelly Car4April 15 1993Jerry is repulsed when his car is permanently tainted by the body odor of a valet.George learns that Susan is dating a woman and think he drove her to lesbianism.Elaine loses her boyfriend when her hair is tainted with the body odor left in Jerry's car.Kramer has an affair with Susan's lesbian girlfriend, stealing her from Susan.
62The Handicap Spot4May 13 1993Jerry and the gang buy a big screen TV as an engagement present and try to get it back when the couple splits up.George illegally parks in a handicap space, causing a disabled woman to become injured.Elaine accompanies Jerry and George to the mall to buy a big screen TV.Kramer falls in love with a disabled woman and buys her a new wheelchair.
63The Pilot (Part 1)4May 20 1993Jerry and George sit in on auditions for their sitcom pilot.George worries that a white dot on his lip may be cancerous.Elaine accuses the coffee shop of hireing only large-breasted women.Kramer auditions for the pilot and gets a bad case of constipation.
64The Pilot (Part 2)4May 20 1993Jerry is amused when the woman who plays Elaine in the pilot becomes obsessed with him.George confronts the man who plays Kramer in the pilot about a stolen box of raisins.Elaine applies for a waitressing job at the coffee shop.Kramer finds relief from his constipation by resorting to the use of an enema.
65The Mango5September 16 1993Jerry agrees to buy Kramer's when he is banned from the fruit stand.George has trouble performing in bed but is cured after eating a mango from the fruit stand.Elaine admits to Jerry that she "faked it" every time with him.Kramer gets banned from the neighborhood fruit stand and enlists Jerry to buy his fruit.
66The Puffy Shirt5September 23 1993Jerry mistakenly agrees to wear a puffy shirt on The Today Show when he can't hear what Kramer's low-talking girlfriend has asked him to do.George is forced to move in with his parents and gets a job as a hand model.Elaine arranges for Jerry to appear on The Today Show to promote a benefit for the homeless.Kramer dates a low-talking clothing designer whom no one but he can understand.
67The Glasses5September 30 1993Jerry is concerned when George tells him he saw Jerry's girlfriend kissing his cousin Jeffrey.George loses his glasses and thinks he see Jerry's girlfriend kissing Jerry's cousin.Elaine fears rabies after being bitten by a dog while shopping for glasses.Kramer gets George a discount on glasses with his sugar-addicted optician friend.
68The Sniffing Accountant5October 7 1993Jerry suspects his sniffing accountant is doing drugs.George applies for a job as a bra salesman with his father's friend.Elaine breaks up with her writer boyfriend when he doesn't use an exclamation point.Kramer and Newman investigate the possiblity that Jerry's accountant is a junkie.
69The Bris5October 14 1993Jerry and Elaine become godparents to the child of mutual friends.George tries to get reimbursed for damages to his car when a suicidal man lands on its roof.Elaine hires a shakey mohel for her godson's bris.Kramer takes action at a bris to voice his opposition to circumcision.
70The Lip Reader5October 28 1993Jerry dates a woman who is deaf and works as a lineswoman at a tennis tournament.George enlists the help of Jerry's deaf girlfriend to read lips at a party attended by his ex-girlfriend.Elaine pretends she's deaf to avoid making small talk with her car service driver.Kramer gets a job as a ball boy at a tennis tournament.
71The Non-Fat Yogurt5November 4 1993Jerry and Elaine suspect the non-fat yogurt shop is selling yogurt with fat.George is caught in a lie when he meets his childhood nemesis at a yogurt shop.Elaine causes the downfall of the mayor when she suggests to his advisor that everyone in the city wear name tags.Kramer invests in a non-fat yogurt shop and dates the lab technician hired to prove the yogurt contains fat.
72The Barber5November 11 1993Jerry gets a bad haircut from his barber and goes behind his back to see Kramer's barber to fix it.George shows up for work at a new job that he's not sure he was actually hired for.Elaine coordinates a charity bachelor auction and must accept Kramer when Jerry's bad haircut prevents him from volunteering.Kramer volunteers for a charity bachelor auction when Elaine decides that Jerry's bad haircut makes him unfit.
73The Masseuse5November 18 1993Jerry dates a woman who is a masseuse, but who won't give him a massage.George becomes obsessed with the fact that Jerry's masseuse girlfriend hates him.Elaine tries to convince her boyfriend, who has the same name as a serial killer, to change his name.Kramer hurts himself at a Giants game and gets a massage from Jerry's masseuse girlfriend.
74The Cigar Store Indian5December 9 1993Jerry gives Elaine a cigar store indian in front of her friends, one of whom is a Native-American.George is grounded by his father when his mother finds a condom wrapper on their bed.Elaine gets unwanted attention while she reads a stolen TV Guide on the subway.Kramer sells a cigar store indian to Elaine's boss and sells his coffee table book idea to him also.
75The Conversion5December 16 1993Jerry is disturbed by a fungus cream he finds in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet.George tries to convert to Latvian Orthodox for his girlfriend.Elaine dates a podiatrist who is offended by her inabilty to consider him a real doctor.Kramer seduces a soon-to-be nun at George's new Latvian Orthodox church.
76The Stall5January 6 1994Jerry dates a woman who he suspects is a phone sex operator.George develops a non-sexual crush on Elaine's hunky, thrill-seeking boyfriend.Elaine dates a hunky thrill-seeker who loses his looks in a fall while rock climbing with George and Kramer.Kramer thinks he recognizes Jerry's girlfriend's voice from a phone sex line.
77The Dinner Party5February 3 1994Jerry ends his vomit streak at a bakery where he and Elaine try to buy a babka for a dinner party.George and Kramer try to buy a bottle wine on the way to a dinner party.Elaine is embarrassed when she realizes she's just chewed out a woman who will be at the same party she is going to.Kramer and George try to buy a bottle on the way to a dinner party.
78The Marine Biologist5February 10 1994Jerry bumps into an old college friend, and tells her that George is a marine biologist.George pretends to be a marine biologist to impress an old college friend.Elaine is frustrated by a new electronic organizer that she can't get to stop beeping.Kramer hits golf balls into the ocean, unwittingly injuring a whale that George will end up saving.
79The Pie5February 17 1994Jerry is obsessed with knowing why his girlfriend won't take a bite of his pie.George buys a new suit for a job interview and doesn't realize it makes a swooshing sound when he walks.Elaine is disturbed by a clothing store mannequin that looks exactly like her.Kramer has an itching problem and dates the coffee shop cashier for her back-scratching skills.
80The Stand-In5February 24 1994Jerry visits a sick friend in the hospital and tries to cheer him up with his comedy routine.George stays in a bad relationship just to prove a friend wrong who says he can't commit.Elaine dates a friend of Jerry's who "takes it out" on their first and only date.Kramer gets a job as a stand-in on a soap opera.
81The Wife5March 18 1994Jerry pretends to be married to his girlfriend in order to get a discount on dry cleaning.George is caught urinating in the shower at his health club.Elaine is rebuffed by a man at her health club, so she blackmails him to keep him from turning George in for a rules violation.Kramer falls asleep in a tanning bed and makes a fool of himself when he meets his African-American girlfriend's family.
82The Raincoats (Part 1)5April 28 1994Jerry is frustrated when his parents stay with him and make it difficult for him and his girlfriend to fool around.George tries to weasel his way out of being a Big Brother.Elaine dates a close-talker man.Kramer makes a deal with Jerry's father to sell his old raincoats to a vintage clothing shop.
83The Raincoats (Part 2)5April 28 1994Jerry gets busted by Newman for making out with his girlfriend during Schindler's List.George sells his father's moth-eaten cabanawear to a vintage clothing store.Elaine is disturbed that her close-talker boyfriend gets along so well with Jerry's parents.Kramer is discouraged when his deal to sell old raincoats gets ruined by George.
84The Fire5May 5 1994Jerry gets heckled by Kramer's girlfriend, and decides to go to her office to heckle her.George reveals his cowardice at a birthday party for his girlfriend's son.Elaine is annoyed by her co-worker who dates Kramer, heckles Jerry, and wins the promotion Elaine had hoped for.Kramer saves the amputated toe of his girlfriend buy commandeering a city bus.
85The Hamptons5May 12 1994Jerry stays at a friend's house in the Hamptons with the gang.George feels shortchanged when his girlfriend sees him naked after swimming in cold water.Elaine is attracted to a doctor who describes her and an ugly baby as "breathtaking".Kramer steals lobsters from a fisherman's trap while staying with the gang in the Hamptons.
86The Opposite5May 19 1994Jerry breaks even in every situation.George finds success doing the opposite of his instincts, winning a job with the NY Yankees.Elaine loses her writer boyfriend when she stops for a box of Jujyfruits before visiting him in the hospital.Kramer promotes his coffee table book on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.
87The Chaperone6September 22 1994Jerry dates a woman who is a Miss America pageant contestant.George suggests a change in uniform material for the Yankees.Elaine must turn down a trip to Atlantic City with the gang because she has to buy socks for her new boss.Kramer coaches a Miss America pageant contestant who is dating Jerry.
88The Big Salad6September 29 1994Jerry is horrified to learn that his girlfriend once dated and was dumped by Newman.George in incensed when his girlfriend takes credit for the big salad he bought for Elaine.Elaine gets unwanted attention from a stationery store worker when she has to buy her boss a mechanical pencil.Kramer helps his golfing buddy escape in a white Ford Bronco after he alledgedly kills a dry cleaner.
89The Pledge Drive6October 6 1994Jerry agrees to speak during a PBS pledge drive.George fails to deliver a Yankees player to the television station in time for a PBS pledge drive.Elaine ruins the relationship of her friend and her high-talker boyfriend.Kramer volunteers to answer phone calls during a PBS pledge drive.
90The Chinese Woman6October 13 1994Jerry dates a woman he meets on the phone, and is disappointed when he learns she is not Chinese.George is upset by the news that his parents have separated.Elaine ruins the relationship of her friend and her long-talker boyfriend.Kramer stops wearing underwear in hopes of increasing his sperm count.
91The Couch6October 27 1994Jerry buys a new couch that gets pee'd on by his girlfriend's father.George tries to bluff his way through a book club discussion of Breakfast at Tiffany's by watching the movie.Elaine breaks up with her furniture mover boyfriend because of his anti-abortion views.Kramer argues the merits of a make-your-own pizza place with Jerry's girlfriend's father.
92The Gymnast6November 3 1994Jerry dates a woman who is an Olympic gymnast, and is disappointed when their love-making isn't more acrobatic.George is caught eating out of the garbage by his girlfriend's mother.Elaine represents her boss at a big meeting because he is obsessed with computer 3D art.Kramer suffers trying to pass a kidney stone.
93The Soup6November 10 1994Jerry is given an expensive suit by Bania, who wants Jerry to buy him a meal in return.George is rebuffed by a waitress at the coffee shop after he tries to impress her with his views on manure.Elaine entertains a a guest from England who's a real user.Kramer goes on a strict diet of only fresh foods, upsetting his hungry girlfriend.
94The Mom & Pop Store6November 17 1994Jerry relents and allows Kramer to send all of his sneakers to a struggling shoe repair shop.George buys a used car because he thinks it was once owned by actor Jon Voight.Elaine wins her boss an opportunity to hold the Woody Woodpecker balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.Kramer convinces Jerry to send all of his sneakers to a struggling shoe repair shop.
95The Secretary6December 8 1994Jerry accuses his dry cleaner of wearing his clothes.George hires an unattractive secretary to avoid distractions, but ends up sleeping with her anyway.Elaine accuses a clothing store of having "skinny mirrors".Kramer acquires then loses Uma Thurman's phone number.
96The Race6December 15 1994Jerry unwillingly agrees to a rematch of a footrace he unfairly won in junior high school.George responds to a personal ad in a communist newspaper, which causing his boss to suspect him of being a communist.Elaine dates a communist man who is upset when she accidently gets him blacklisted at a Chinese restaurant.Kramer acquires then loses a job as a department store Santa.
97The Switch6January 5 1995Jerry figures a way to break up with his too-serious girlfriend and date her happy-go-lucky roommate.George is upset that his possibly bulimic girlfriend may be wasting the money he spends on her dinners.Elaine lends her boss' expensive tennis racket out and can't get it back.Kramer is reunited with his mother, who then starts to date Newman.
98The Label Maker6January 19 1995Jerry wonders if his label maker gift from his friend has been "re-gifted".George is upset that his girlfriend has a male roommate who looks just like him.Elaine is concerned that Jerry's dentist friend expects too much from her on their date to the Super Bowl.Kramer and Newman play a serious game of RISK.
99The Scofflaw6January 26 1995Jerry discovers his friend lied about having cancer just to get a free toupee.George buys a toupee after hearing how one improved the love life of a friend.Elaine buys the same eyeglass frames as her ex-boyfriend just for spite.Kramer discovers that Newman is a parking scofflaw.
100Highlights of 100 (Part 1)6February 2 1995(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)
101Highlights of 100 (Part 2)6February 2 1995(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)
102The Beard6February 9 1995Jerry dates a woman who is a cop, and who makes him take a lie-detector test.George wears his toupee on a blind date with a bald woman.Elaine acts as a "beard" for her gay friend, then tries to convert him.Kramer is upset when a homeless man he gives a meal to won't give him back his Tupperware container.
103The Kiss Hello6February 16 1995Jerry tires of having to kiss everyone hello in his building.George is angered by his physical therapist who charges him for cancelling his appointment on short notice.Elaine injures herself when her physical therapist friend makes her walk several blocks with her ski equipment.Kramer posts photos of everyone in his apartment building, hoping they'll all become friends.
104The Doorman6February 23 1995Jerry attempts to avoid the snotty doorman in Elaine's boss' building.George endures a fake robbery on the street by Kramer.Elaine gets into trouble with the residents of her boss' building.Kramer and George's father decide to design a brassiere for men.
105The Jimmy6March 16 1995Jerry suspects that he was violated while under sedation at his dentist's office.George is suspected of stealing players' equipment at the NY Yankees.Elaine unintentionally makes a date with a guy in her health club who speaks in the third person.Kramer is mistaken for mentally challenged after a trip to the dentist, and meets Mel Torme.
106The Doodle6April 6 1995Jerry dates a woman who he offends by spitting out food that was once in her mouth, and he learns his apartment has fleas.George is offended by an unflattering doodle of himself drawn by his girlfriend.Elaine loses her job when Jerry's parents and uncle live it up in a hotel room paid for by her employer.Kramer loses his sense of taste after napping in Jerry's fumigated apartment .
107The Fusilli Jerry6April 27 1995Jerry shares his bedroom "move" with George and is annoyed when Elaine's boyfreind tries to use it.George tries a new "move" in bed on his girlfriend, who doesn't like it at all.Elaine is dissappointed when her boyfriend agrees to stop using Jerry's bedroom "move".Kramer makes statues of his friends using pasta, and receives license plates that belong to a proctologist.
108The Diplomat's Club6May 4 1995Jerry attempts to have a romantic interlude with his girlfriend at an airport.George tries to prove to his African-American co-worker that he is not a racist.Elaine gets fired when she is wrongly accused of trying to killer her boss.Kramer gambles on arrivals and departures in an airport with a wealthy Texan.
109The Face Painter6May 11 1995Jerry is given hockey tickets by a friend but misses out on more tickets when he doesn't say "thank you" enough.George is upset that his girlfriend doesn't return his "I love you".Elaine is disturbed by her face-painting boyfriend.Kramer has an altercation with a zoo chimpanzee.
110The Understudy6May 18 1995Jerry dates a woman who is Bette Midler's broadway understudy.George is accused of intentionally injuring Bette Midler so her understudy can take her place.Elaine meets her soon-to-be new boss while wandering the streets crying.Kramer nurses Bette Midler back to health after she's injured playing softball against Jerry and George.
111The Engagement7September 21 1995Jerry makes a pact with George to act more maturely, but breaks it very quickly.George and Jerry make a pact to act more maturely, and he gets engaged because of it.Elaine enlists the help of Kramer and Newman to get rid of a barking dog.Kramer and Newman fail to relocate a dog that keeps Elaine up at night.
112The Postponement7September 28 1995Jerry discusses with George the merits of break-up sex vs. conjugal sex.George resorts to tears in order to postpone his upcoming wedding.Elaine confides in a rabbi neighbor who then betrays her confidence.Kramer seeks a lawyer's help to file a law suit after being burned by hot coffee.
113The Maestro7October 5 1995Jerry rents a house in Tuscany just to spite Elaine's conductor boyfriend.George insists that the security guard in Susan's uncle's store have a place to sit.Elaine dates a conductor who insists that everyone call him "Maestro".Kramer blows a chance at a big settlement for his coffee burns.
114The Wink7October 12 1995Jerry dates a woman with an affection for meat that conflicts with his healthy diet.George gets squirted with flying pulp causing a chronic wink that gets him into much trouble.Elaine dates a wake-up caller but is disappointed to find he has dogs.Kramer misunderstands an unintentional wink from George.
115The Hot Tub7October 19 1995Jerry obsesses over a marathoner's ability to wake up in time for a big race.George avoids work by looking busy and annoyed.Elaine struggles with writer's block.Kramer falls asleep in the cold water of his broken hot tub and struggles to get his core temperature back.
116The Soup Nazi7November 2 1995Jerry annoys the gang with his public display of affection for his girlfriend.George stresses over the proper procedure for ordering soup from a belligerent soup store owner.Elaine enlists the help of Kramer to guard her antique armoire on the street.Kramer guards an antique armoire on the street for Elaine, losing it to a couple of street toughs.
117The Secret Code7November 9 1995Jerry is accused of poking fun at a one-legged businessman after the man's leg falls asleep.George refuses to divulge his ATM code to his fiancee.Elaine is attracted to a monotonous man after he can't remember who she is.Kramer tries to convince the fire department to use his traffic routes, and drives the back of a hook-and-ladder truck.
118The Pool Guy7November 16 1995Jerry is annoyed when the pool guy at his health club tries to befriend him.George is upset that the friendship between Elaine and his fiancee is causing his worlds to collide.Elaine befriends George's girlfriend Susan, much to his dismay.Kramer offers movie showtimes over the phone when he realizes his phone number is one digit away from 777-film.
119The Sponge7December 7 1995Jerry gets the phone number of a woman he wants to date off an AIDS walk list.George upsets Jerry by opening his "vault" to Susan.Elaine gets picky with her choice of sleeping partners after her birth control method is taken off the market.Kramer gets beaten up during an AIDS walk when he refuses to wear the red ribbon.
120The Gum7December 14 1995Jerry pretends to like gum to avoid offending a friend who's recently had a nervous breakdown.George has a bout of paranoia which causes an old friend to suspect him of being metally ill.Elaine loses a button in a movie theater, causing her ex-boyfriend to think she's flirting with him.Kramer works for a recently reopened old movie theater.
121The Rye7January 4 1996Jerry is forced to steal a loaf of bread from an old lady, in order to help George look good to Susan's parents.George tries to secretly replace a loaf of bread that his parents gave Susan's parents and then took back.Elaine dates a saxophone player and is disappointed by his repertoire.Kramer borrows his friend's hansom cab to give Susan's parents a ride.
122The Caddy7January 25 1996Jerry wrecks George's car when he and Kramer are distracted by a bra-less woman on the sidewalk.George leaves his car in the Yankees parking lot to convince his boss he is working while he's at the cabin with Susan.Elaine is disgusted by an old acquaintance's habit of not wearing a bra.Kramer relies on the advice of his caddy on and off of the golf course.
123The Seven7February 1 1996Jerry is fed up with Kramer's constant pilfering of food from his apartment .George is upset when Susan's friends steal his future baby's name for their baby.Elaine introduces George to her friend who knows Marisa Tomei.Kramer begins accounting for all the food he takes from Jerry's apartment .
124The Cadillac (Part 1)7February 8 1996Jerry visits his parents in Florida and buys his father a new Cadillac.George makes a date with Marisa Tomei, even though he is engaged to Susan.Elaine is attracted to Jerry when she learns how well-off he is.Kramer goes to a lot of trouble to avoid a visit from the cable company.
125The Cadillac (Part 2)7February 8 1996Jerry returns to Florida when his parents neighbors have a fit over the Cadilliac he bought his father.George is rebuffed by Marisa Tomei when he tells her he's engaged.Elaine develops a crush on Jerry when she finds out how wealthy he is.Kramer continues to avoid a visit from the cable company.
126The Shower Head7February 15 1996Jerry offends is uncle with a joke he makes about him on The Tonight Show.George convinces his parents to move to Florida, causing Jerry's parents to move to New York.Elaine misses a trip with her boss when she tests positive for opium.Kramer and Jerry plot with Newman to replace the newly installed low-flow showerheads in their apartments.
127The Doll7February 22 1996Jerry is forced to transport a package on an airplane for a friend of Susan's.George has trouble performing in bed after seeing a doll of Susan's that looks like his mother.Elaine meets a Costanza in Italy who might be George's father's long lost cousine.Kramer and Jerry adopt the habit of a conductor friend who removes his pants before sitting down.
128The Friars Club7March 7 1996Jerry loses a borrowed jacket from the Friars Club to a troupe of acrobatic magicians.George postpones his wedding again when he realizes he is running out of conversation with Susan.Elaine suspects a co-worker of faking deafness in order to avoid working.Kramer decideds to sleep in twenty-minute increments, just like Leonardo da Vinci
129The Wig Master7April 4 1996Jerry is insulted when Elaine and a gay man are both hit on while out with him.George is upset that hookers are turning tricks in his car at the parking lot.Elaine dates a clothing store worker who promises her a discount on a dress.Kramer is mistaken for a pimp when he's caught arguing with a prostitute while wearing a borrowed "technicolor dreamcoat".
130The Calzone7April 25 1996Jerry dates a woman who gets whatever she wants because of her good looks.George gets his boss hooked on calzones, then gets banned from the calzone shop for stealing from the tip jar.Elaine goes out with a man who tricks her into going on "dates" with him.Kramer discovers the joy of wearing clothing warm from the dryer, or oven.
131The Bottle Deposit (Part 1)7May 2 1996Jerry is upset when his deranged mechanic steals his car.George is given an assignment at work but has no idea what he's supposed to do.Elaine overbids on a set of golf clubs for her boss.Kramer and Newman plot to make a killing returning empty bottles for the deposit money.
132The Bottle Deposit (Part 2)7May 2 1996Jerry tracks down his stolen car by speaking on the phone to the man who stole it.George is confused by the apparent success of an assignment which he didn't complete.Elaine presents a mangled set of golf clubs to her boss.Kramer spots Jerry's stolen car on the way to returning empty bottles with Newman and gets side-tracked in order to stay on the thief's tail.
133The Wait Out7May 9 1996Jerry makes a move on a woman who's marriage he's been waiting out.George worries that his comments to an attractive couple led to their break up.Elaine makes a move on a man who's marriage she's been waiting out.Kramer tries blue jeans for the first time and acts as Mickey's scene partner in an audition.
134The Invitations7May 16 1996Jerry dates a woman who's personality is just like his, and has second thoughts about becoming engaged her.George buys cheap wedding invitations that end up killing Susan with poison envelope glue.Elaine and Kramer are cut out of George's wedding by Susan.Kramer thinks he's entitled to one hundred dollars when he's not greeted properly at the bank.
135The Foundation8September 19 1996Jerry seeks the perfect break-up story.George is forced to to run a foundation set up in Susan's name.Elaine is promoted to president by her boss, who suffers a mental breakdown.Kramer enrolls in a karate class for children.
136The Soul Mate8September 26 1996Jerry regains interest in his girlfriend after Kramer becomes smitten by her.George runs a sting operation to discover whether his fellow foundation members think he killed Susan.Elaine feels pressure to want children while dating a man who never wants to have children.Kramer falls head over heels for Jerry's girlfriend.
137The Bizarro Jerry8October 3 1996Jerry dates a woman with "man-hands".George seeks to gain entrance into the world of super models by lying about his dead fiancee.Elaine finds new friends who are the polar opposites of Jerry, George and Kramer.Kramer is mistaken for an office employee and decides to ride the job out.
138The Little Kicks8October 10 1996Jerry is forced to film a bootleg copy of a movie by a criminal friend of Kramer's.George adopts a bad-boy image to appear more attractive to a co-worker of Elaine's.Elaine loses the respect of her subordinates with her lack of dance skills at an office party.Kramer introduces his movie bootlegger friend to Jerry.
139The Package8October 17 1996Jerry gets caught for mail insurance fraud and is interrogated by Newman.George spices up his photos in order to seduce a photo processing worker.Elaine is unable to get medical treatment for her rash due to her reputation for being difficult with doctors.Kramer engages in mail insurance fraud in order to get Jerry his money back on a broken stereo.
140The Fatigues8October 31 1996Jerry dates a woman who's mentor is dating Bania.George intentionally fails an eye test when he hears that blind people can get any book on tape.Elaine promotes a psycho from the mailroom to copy editor.Kramer convinces Jerry's father to cater a Jewish singles night.
141The Checks8November 7 1996Jerry injures his hand signing hundreds of tiny royalty checks he earns from a Japanese television show.George is frustrated by his failure to be accepted in a cult that poses as an office cleaning company.Elaine dates a man with his own song, but won't share it with her.Kramer houses Japanese tourists in his new designer chest of drawers.
142The Chicken Roaster8November 14 1996Jerry convinces an old friend to skip an important meeting, causing him to lose his job and find employment at a fast-food chicken restaurant.George trys to stay with a woman who wants to dump him by leaving personal items in her apartment.Elaine goes on a shopping spree with company funds.Kramer gets addicted to fast-food chicken and swaps apartments with Jerry to avoid the glow of the neon sign.
143The Abstinence8November 21 1996Jerry does his comedy act for career day at his old junior high school.George discovers that abstinence from sex causes his intelligence to soar.Elaine learns that abstinence from sex makes her an idiot.Kramer opens a smoking lounge in his apartment and is made hideous in appearance by overexposure to smoke.
144The Andrea Doria8December 19 1996Jerry takes on Newman's mail route.George tries to get a co-op apartment by gaining more sympathy with the board than a survivor of the Andrea Doria.Elaine dates a man who's a bad breaker-upper.Kramer uses dog medicine to treat a cough, causing him to behave like a dog.
145The Little Jerry8January 9 1997Jerry bounces a check at a local bodega, leading his parents to believe he is broke.George dates a woman he meets in prison, hoping for congugal sex.Elaine dates a man who shaves his head but is horrified to learn he's going bald.Kramer acquires a cockfighting rooster but is horrified to learn that cockfighting can be injurious to his bird.
146The Money8January 16 1997Jerry must buy back the Cadillac he gave his father when his parents sell it because they think he's broke.George tries to persuade his parents to save their money so he'll inherit more of it.Elaine hires Jerry's father who feels he must go back to work to provide for Jerry.Kramer moves in with George's parents.
147The Comeback8January 30 1997Jerry buys an expensive racket on the advice of a tennis pro who turns out to be a terrible tennis player.George searches for the perfect comeback after being publicly humiliated by a co-worker.Elaine falls for an unseen video store clerk after becoming intrigued by his video recommendations.Kramer writes a living will after watching a movie about a guy in a coma.
148The Van Buren Boys8February 6 1997Jerry dates a woman he thinks is perfect, but his friends think she's a loser.George gives a foundation scholarship to a teenager that reminds him of himself.Elaine ghostwrites an autobiography for her boss, who pays Kramer to use his stories.Kramer sells his life stories to Elaine's boss to be used in his autobiography.
149The Susie8February 13 1997Jerry frightens a rookie bookie into thinking Jerry wants to kill him.George dates a woman who breaks up with him on the eve of a ball.Elaine assumes a second indentity after a co-worker calls her by the wrong name.Kramer wins a big bet with Jerry's money.
150The Pothole8February 20 1997Jerry dates a woman who brushes her teeth with a toothbrush he dropped in his toilet.George drops his keys in a covered pothole and must borrow a jackhammer to retrieve them.Elaine pretends to live in a janitor's closet in order to get Chinese food delivered.Kramer adopts a section of highway and widens the lanes.
151The English Patient8March 13 1997Jerry is challenged to outperform an elderly man in Florida in feats of strength.George is intrigued by a beautiful woman who's dating a man that looks just like him.Elaine dates a man who breaks up with her because she hates The English Patient.Kramer asks for Cuban cigars and ends up with Dominican immigrants.
152The Nap8April 10 1997Jerry hires an annoying carpenter who can't make a decision on his own.George elevates his office nap-taking to a new level.Elaine dates a man who gives her a mattress as a gift, and she takes it the wrong way.Kramer swims in the East River to relieve his back problems.
153The Yada Yada8April 24 1997Jerry suspects his dentist converted to Judaism merely for the jokes.George dates a woman who glosses over important details with "yada, yada, yada".Elaine mentions her friend's temper to an adoption agent and ruins the couple's chance to adopt a baby.Kramer and Mickey squabble over who gets to date whom on a double date.
154The Millennium8May 1 1997Jerry dates a woman who prematurely puts him at the number one on her speed dial.George tries to get fired from the Yankees so he can take a job with the Mets.Elaine has trouble with two clothing shops owned by the same woman.Kramer and Newman fight over planning Millenium parties for the same night.
155The Muffin Tops8May 8 1997Jerry trims his chest hair unevenly and ends up shaving it off completely.George pretends to be an out-of-state tourist in order to date an employee of the New York Visitor's Center.Elaine goes into business with a former boss selling muffin tops.Kramer runs a "Peterman Reality Bus Tour" after seeing the success of his life stories which that he sold.
156The Summer of George8May 15 1997Jerry teams up with George to date a high-maintenance woman.George indulges in a summer of fun when he gets a large severance package from the Yankees.Elaine entertains the gang by having a cat fight with a co-worker.Kramer mistakenly accepts a Tony Award and is told he can keep it if he fires Rachel Welch.
157The Butter Shave9September 25 1997Jerry is offended when Bania rides his coattails at NBC.George wins a job with a playground equipment company when they mistakenly think he is disabled.Elaine and her boyfriend's relationship takes a wild ride when they vacation together.Kramer discovers that butter makes a wonderful shaving cream, and ends up roasting like a turkey.
158The Voice9October 2 1997Jerry imagines and imitates a funny voice coming from his girlfriend's navel.George refuses to leave his job when his company discovers he is not disabled.Elaine fails repeatedly to break up with her boyfriend, losing a bet with Jerry.Kramer hires a personal assistant from a local college.
159The Serenity Now9October 9 1997Jerry regrets becoming attuned to his emotions.George takes a job selling computers for his father.Elaine seeks the advice of a rabbi neighbor in hopes of shedding her "shiksappeal".Kramer installs a screen door and rocking chair in front of his apartment in hopes of creating a small-town feel.
160The Blood9October 16 1997Jerry adopts a purification program to improve his diet.George is obsessed with combining television and the consumption of food with love-making.Elaine babysits her friend's obnoxious child to prove she is a responsible person.Kramer decides to store his own blood instead of using a blood bank.
161The Junk Mail9October 30 1997Jerry receives a van from an old friend who's feelings are easily hurt.George dates his cousin in order to get his parents' attention.Elaine dates a man with an infamous television past.Kramer tires of Pottery Barn catalogs in his mail and takes on the United States Postal Service.
162The Merv Griffin Show9November 6 1997Jerry dates a woman with a vintage toy collection that she won't let him play with.George accidently runs over pigeons and a squirrel, angering his girlfriend.Elaine is bothered by a co-worker who sidles up to her without a sound.Kramer finds the old set of The Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster and sets it up in his apartment.
163The Slicer9November 13 1997Jerry dates a woman who's a skin doctor, but doesn't take her seriously.George takes a job with an industrial smoothing company and works to hide his identity with a boss he's met before.Elaine enlists the help of Kramer to help her shut the alarm clock off in a neighbor's apartment.Kramer buys a meat slicer when he is displeased with the thickness of his deli's sandwich meat.
164The Betrayal9November 20 1997Jerry flies to India with the gang to attend Elaine's friend's wedding.George dates a woman who Jerry sleeps with.Elaine tries to hide the fact that her friend's fiance is Elaine's ex-boyfriend.Kramer gets into a wishing contest with a hot dog vendor.
165The Apology9December 11 1997Jerry dates a woman who does everything in the nude.George is frustrated by a recovering alcoholic who won't appoligize to him for a past offense.Elaine is offended that her co-worker uses a toilet seat protector even though they are the only ones using that bathroom.Kramer seeks to improve the efficiency of his shower-taking time.
166The Strike9December 18 1997Jerry dates a woman who is attractive in some lighting but ugly in others.George invents a charity to avoid giving Christmas gifts at work.Elaine eats a lot of bad subs in order to get a free one.Kramer goes back to work for the bagel company he's been on strike from for over a decade.
167The Dealership9January 8 1998Jerry is frustrated by the new car-buying process when he tries to buy a car from Elaine's boyfriend.George is frustrated by a vending machine that won't drop his Twix bar.Elaine fights with her on-again off-again boyfriend.Kramer tests the fuel tank capacity of a dealership's new car.
168The Reverse Peephole9January 15 1998Jerry discards his wallet in favor of a "European carryall".George develops back problems from his overstuffed wallet.Elaine disapproves of her boyfriend's fur coat.Kramer and Newman reverse the peepholes in their apartment doors in order to prevent an ambush.
169The Cartoon9January 29 1998Jerry gets on the bad side of a vindictive performance artist.George is upset when he's told his girlfriend looks just like Jerry.Elaine seeks the meaning of a New Yorker cartoon and creates one of her own.Kramer blabs to an actress about Jerry's negative comments, causing her to go on the warpath against Jerry.
170The Srongbox9February 5 1998Jerry refuses to let a man into his building, not recognizing him as a neighbor.George dates a woman who refuses to let him break up with her.Elaine dates a man who turns out to be married and poor.Kramer stores his valuables in a strongbox and can't find the perfect hiding place for the key.
171The Wizard9February 26 1998Jerry visits his parents in Florida and gives his father a "Wizard" organizer.George lies to Susan's parents, telling them he has a house in the Hamptons.Elaine dates a man of indiscernible race.Kramer takes the retirement community by storm when he retires to Florida.
172The Burning9March 19 1998Jerry dates a woman who withholds an embarrassing story from him.George is determined to leave his company's boardroom on a high note.Elaine discovers her boyfriend is religious and is bothered when he thinks she's going to hell.Kramer and Mickey get jobs acting out illnesses for medical students.
173The Bookstore9April 9 1998Jerry catches his uncle shoplifting at a bookstore.George is forced to buy an expensive book after he's caught reading it in the bookstore's bathroom.Elaine is humiliated after making out with a co-worker at an office party.Kramer and Newman hire the homeless to pull their rickshaw.
174The Frogger9April 23 1998Jerry dates a woman who finishes his sentences.George takes extreme measures to protect his high score on a video game machine.Elaine refuses to go to yet another office party, but regrets missing the cake.Kramer acquires a roll of yellow police tape.
175The Maid9April 30 1998Jerry dates a woman who is his maid, and is unhappy when she continues to expect payment from him.George tries to obtain the perfect nickname at work.Elaine regrets changing her phone number when she's given a new un-hip area code.Kramer dates a woman who lives in a different part of the city, making him think he's in a long-distance relationship.
176The Puerto Rican Day9May 7 1998Jerry gets stuck in a traffic jam with the gang, caused by a Puerto Rican Day parade.George becomes an object of ridicule after angering a man who has a laser pointer.Elaine fails to make it home on foot when she and the gang get stuck in a traffic jam caused by a Puerto Rican Day parade.Kramer accidently sets the Puerto Rican flag on fire during a Puerto Rican Day parade.
177The Chronicle (Part 1)9May 14 1998(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)
178The Chronicle (Part 2)9May 14 1998(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)(clips from past shows)
179The Finale (Part 1)9May 14 1998Jerry takes a private NBC jet bound for Paris with the gang, and they end up being arrested.George accompanies Jerry and the gang on a private NBC jet bound for Paris.Elaine accompanies Jerry and the gang on a private NBC jet bound for Paris.Kramer accompanies Jerry and the gang on a private NBC jet bound for Paris.
180The Finale (Part 2)9May 14 1998Jerry goes to jail with the gang after being tried and convicted for breaking a Good Samaritan law.George goes to jail with the gang after being tried and convicted for breaking a Good Samaritan law.Elaine goes to jail with the gang after being tried and convicted for breaking a Good Samaritan law.Kramer goes to jail with the gang after being tried and convicted for breaking a Good Samaritan law.