Character Name Description Primary Actor Secondary Actor Tertiary Actor # of Ep.
Mrs. Burns(The Abstinence)Meagen Fay1
Alan(The Apology)Jack Hallett1
Andy(The Apology)Brian Levinson1
Gregg(The Apology)Michael Fishman1
Cathy(The Beard)Katherine LaNasa1
Gus(The Beard)John F. O'Donohue1
Crichton(The Bookstore)Ted Rooney1
Artie(The Burning)Brian Posehn1
McMaines(The Butter Shave)Everett Greenbaum1
Nicki(The Calzone)Danette Tays1
Mrs. Lupchek(The Conversion)Darlene Kardon1
Sasha(The Conversion)Jana Marie Hupp1
Tawni(The Conversion)Kimberley Campbell1
Lenore(The Diplomats Club)Kim Zimmer1
Alice(The Engagement)Renee Phillips1
Jaime(The English Patient)Juan Garcia1
Janine(The Fatigues)Gwen McGee1
Bernie(The Finale)Jim Zulevic1
Carol(The Finale)McNally Sagal1
Detective Blake(The Finale)Ed O'Ross1
Detective Hudson(The Finale)James Pickens Jr.1
O'Neal(The Finale)Gay Thomas1
Susie(The Finale)Wendle Josepher1
Willie(The Foundation)Robert Padnick1
Kenny(The Frogger)Drake Bell1
Kobe(The Frogger)Melissa Denton1
Mike(The Frogger)Jack Esformes1
Sal(The Frogger)Sam Shamshak1
Michael(The Hamptons)Mark L. Taylor1
Ray(The Handicap Spot)Richard Portnow1
Sheri(The Hot Tub)Kate Mulligan1
Mr. Lager(The Invitations)Stephen Root1
Cheryl(The Jimmy)Alison Armitage1
Stephanie(The Kiss Hello)Belinda Barry1
Sandy(The Library)Cynthia Szigeti1
Detective Danner(The Little Jerry)Paul Perri1
Detective Udewitz(The Little Jerry)Al White1
Ciccio(The Maestro)Paul Michael1
Brendan(The Maid)Steve Franken1
Charles(The Maid)Markus Flanagan1
Lisa(The Masseuse)Lisa Pescia1
Maurice(The Movie)Eric Poppick1
Brian(The Nap)Kevin Keckeisen1
Cheryl(The Non-fat Yogurt)Lisa Houle1
Joel(The Non-fat Yogurt)Jed Mills1
Dr. Stern(The Package)Fort Atkinson1
Michelle(The Parking Garage)Cynthia Ettinger1
David(The Pilot)Stephen Burrows1
Tommy(The Pitch/The Ticket)Steve Skrovan1
Ellis(The Puerto Rican Day)Marc Hirschfeld1
Gail(The Puerto Rican Day)Monica Allison1
Gary(The Puerto Rican Day)Tom Agna1
Leslie(The Puerto Rican Day)Jenica Bergere1
Lucy(The Puerto Rican Day)Alison Martin1
Mr. Canterman(The Puerto Rican Day)James Karen1
Mrs. Canterman(The Puerto Rican Day)Mimi Cozzens1
Mr. Breckman(The Red Dot)Richard Fancy1
Desota(The Secret Code)Von Roddy1
Gail(The Shoes)Anita Barone1
Arthur Milano(The Slicer)Larry B. Scott1
Ellen(The Sniffing Accountant)Christa Miller1
Roger(The Sponge)David Byrd1
Frank(The Stranded)Dwayne Kennedy1
Gwen(The Stranded)Melissa Weil1
Roy(The Stranded)John Putch1
Ms. Smoth(The Strongbox)Mary Scheer1
Beder(The Tape)Norman Brenner1
Lomez Jr.(The Van Buren Boys)David Moscow1
Lydia(The Van Buren Boys)Yunoka Doyle1
Maurice(The Van Buren Boys)Dublin James1
Alice(The Voice)Nancy Balbirer1
Dean Jones(The Voice)Ella Joyce1
Barbara(The Wait Out)Nicole Tocantins1
Rubin(The Wizard)Murray Rubin1
Tom(The Wizard)Vic Helford1
Brian(The Yada Yada)David Chandler1
Cynthia PerlmanAbby's MentorKatie Layman1
Mark MattsActor - Auditioned for the Part of George for the PilotRoger Rose1
JohnnyActor - Little PersonJoe Gieb1
Michael BarthActor - Played George in the PilotJeremy Piven1
Tom PepperActor - Played Kramer in the PilotLarry Hankin1
MelissaActress - Auditioned for the Part of Elaine for the PilotMariska Hargitay1
TammyActress - Little PersonDebbie Lee Carrington1
Sandi RobbinsActress - Played Elaine in the PilotElena Wohl1
Mr. ArmstrongAdmirer of Nina's Art - Husband of Mrs. ArmstrongElliott Reid1
Mrs. ArmstrongAdmirer of Nina's Art - Wife of Mr. ArmstrongJustine Johnston1
GrandpaAnna's GrandfatherNick LaTour1
Mrs. AllisterApartment Building TenantSeraiah Carol1
Christine NyhartApartment Rental AgentHelen Carey1
DonAuto Mechanic - Twix EaterJoel McCrary1
DavidBarbara Benedict's CompanionMark Holton1
MitchBartenderDeck McKenzie1
Arnie LooknerBeth's HusbandStephen Caffrey1
Aunt MayBetsy's AuntPeggy Stewart1
TimmyBetsy's BrotherKieran Mulroney1
Wyck ThayerBoard Member at Susan Ross FoundationBruce Davison3
Mr. CrossBoard Member of Susan Ross FoundationTommy Hicks1
Ms. BainesBoard Member of Susan Ross FoundationRende Rae Norman1
ScottBonnie's Roommate - George Look-alikeCleto Augusto1
Rebecca DeMornayBookstore and Homeless Shelter WorkerSonya Eddy2
Sid FarkusBra Salesman - Friend of FrankPatrick Cronin2
Mel SangerBubble Boy's FatherBrian Doyle-Murray3
AntonioBusboyDavid LaBiosa1
NickCable GuyWalter Olkewicz1
Anatoly TabachnikCable Guy - Russian ImmigrantVic Polizos1
PattiCall GirlBobbi Jo Lathan1
SidCar ParkerJay Brooks2
RickCar SalesmanDaniel Hagen1
KenCarrie's HusbandKen Hudson Campbell1
Ruthie CohenCashier at the Coffee ShopRuth Cohen1
LupeChambermaid - Atlantic CityDyana Ortelli1
The Soup NaziChef at Soup RestaurantLarry Thomas2
LewChinese Food Delivery GuyMartin Chow1
PingChinese Food Delivery Guy - Cousin of CherylPing Wu4
MaxwellCindy's BossAnthony Crivello1
EvieCleaning Woman - Slept with GeorgeBridget Sienna1
GladysClerk at Ethnic StoreVictoria Mahoney1
Pat BucklesComedian - ImpersonationsBarry Diamond1
Kenny BaniaComedian - Jerry's Constant AnnoyanceSteve Hytner6
RonnieComedian - PropsDom Irrera1
RalphConstruction WorkerJack McGee1
IanCraig's FriendNorman Brenner1
NeilDanielle's Boyfriend - George Look-alikeJeff Miller1
Pop LazzariDeena's FatherSandy Ward2
Mabel ChoateDel Boca Vista ResidentFrances Bay3
RalphDel Boca Vista ResidentJesse White3
EvelynDel Boca Vista ResidentAnn Morgan Guilbert2
Izzy MandelbaumDel Boca Vista ResidentLloyd Bridges2
Sid LuckmanDel Boca Vista ResidentEdgar Small2
HerbDel Boca Vista ResidentBill Macy1
Izzy Mandelbaum Sr.Del Boca Vista Resident - Father of IzzyEarl Schuman1
Jack KlompusDel Boca Vista Resident - Husband of DorisSandy Baron4
Izzy Mandelbaum Jr.Del Boca Vista Resident - Son of IzzyGene Dynarski2
Doris KlompusDel Boca Vista Resident - Wife of JackAnnie Korzen5
Lt. ColemanDetective in Los AngelesVaughn Armstrong2
Lt. MartelDetective in Los AngelesPeter Murnik2
Arnold DeensfreiDirector of AMCA Robert Katims2
D.A. HoytDistrict Attorney at Finale TrialJames Rebhorn2
Dr. AllenwoodDoctor - Clarice's FuneralDonald Bishop1
Dr. StrugatzDoctor - Drug-tested ElaineRon West1
Dr. BergDoctor - Elaine's RashRichard Roat1
Dr. ResnickDoctor - Elaine's Rash - Uncle Leo's EyebrowsDavid Purdham1
Dr. WexlerDoctor - Medical Student TeacherUrsaline Bryant1
Dr. DembrowDoctor - Morty's Bad BackDavid Sage1
Dr. CoopermanDoctor - The AssmanLou Cutell1
Ben PfefferDoctor - The Baby's PediatricianRichard Burgi1
LamarDriver of Maroon GolfMario Joyner1
MartyDrycleanerJoseph Ragno1
WillieDrycleaner - Husband of DonnaJoseph R. Sicari1
DonnaDrycleaner - Wife of WillieMitzi McCall1
FredEEOC OfficerRichard Gant1
PaulEEOC OfficerBob Shaw1
Mr. StevensonElaine's Acquaintance - Boss of RobertEd Winter1
Barbara BenedictElaine's Acquaintance - Friend of Linda Van GrackSuzy Soro1
Mrs. StevensonElaine's Acquaintance - Wife of Mr. StevensonGeorgann Johnson1
Vegatable LasagnaElaine's Acquaintance on AirplaneFrank Van Keeken1
VincentElaine's Admirer - Video Store EmployeeDanny Strong1
Denim VestElaine's Admirer at PartyKevin McDonald1
RickyElaine's Admirer on Subway - TV Guide FreakSam Lloyd2
SandraElaine's Assistant at Pendant PublishingLisa Malkiewicz1
Mr. Pitt (Justin)Elaine's Boss at DoubledayIan Abercrombie8
J. PetermanElaine's Boss at J. PetermanJohn O'Hurley21
Mr. LippmanElaine's Boss at Pendant PublishingRichard FancyHarris Shore11
RoyElaine's Boyfriend - ArtistSherman Howard1
HalElaine's Boyfriend - Bad BackVince Grant1
KevinElaine's Boyfriend - Bizarro JerryTim DeKay2
SimonElaine's Boyfriend - British MoocherDaniel Gerroll1
AaronElaine's Boyfriend - Close-talkerJudge Reinhold1
RobertElaine's Boyfriend - Closet GayRobert Mailhouse1
Ned IsakoffElaine's Boyfriend - CommunistTodd Kimsey1
Bob Cobb (Maestro)Elaine's Boyfriend - ConductorMark Metcalf2
Maestro (Bob Cobb)Elaine's Boyfriend - ConductorMark Metcalf2
Owen MarchElaine's Boyfriend - Elderly WriterEdward Penn1
Fred YerkesElaine's Boyfriend - Friend of JerryFred Stoller2
BrettElaine's Boyfriend - Furniture ManufacturerJames Patrick Stuart1
CarlElaine's Boyfriend - Furniture MoverDavid James Elliott1
Dr. FeinElaine's Boyfriend - George's Doctor for False Heart AttackJohn Posey1
Todd GackElaine's Boyfriend - Intentional Bet LoserJohn D'Aquino1
BlaineElaine's Boyfriend - Liked The English PatientTodd Jeffries1
David PuddyElaine's Boyfriend - Mechanic and Car SalesmanPatrick Warburton11
BenElaine's Boyfriend - Medical StudentBob Odenkirk1
DarrylElaine's Boyfriend - Not BlackSamuel Bliss Cooper1
GlennElaine's Boyfriend - Poor and MarriedNicholas Paul Walker1
TonyElaine's Boyfriend - Pretty-boy Thrill-seekerDan Cortese1
DickElaine's Boyfriend - Recovering AlcoholicDavid Naughton1
CraigElaine's Boyfriend - Salesman at The Andover Shop Harry Van Gorkum1
Joel RifkinElaine's Boyfriend - Same Name as Serial KillerAnthony Cistaro1
John GermaineElaine's Boyfriend - SaxophonistJEFF YAGHER1
EddieElaine's Boyfriend - SeattleDoug Ballard1
KurtElaine's Boyfriend - Shaved HeadJohn Michael Higgins1
BillyElaine's Boyfriend - Sponge-worthyScott Patterson1
Alan MercerElaine's Boyfriend - Stabbed by Ex-girlfriendTom Gallop1
CarlElaine's Boyfriend - Still Smells ItNick Backay1
JackElaine's Boyfriend - The WizToby Huss1
JamesElaine's Boyfriend - Wake-up CallerBrian McNamara1
Jake JarmelElaine's Boyfriend - WriterMarty Rackham4
Dr. RestonElaine's Boyfriend and Psychiatrist Stephen McHattie4
DuganElaine's Co-worker at J. PetermanJoe Urla6
WalterElaine's Co-worker at J. PetermanWayne Wilderson4
PeggyElaine's Co-worker at J. PetermanMegan Cole2
Walter (Other)Elaine's Co-worker at J. PetermanMark Daniel Cade2
AnnaElaine's Co-worker at J. PetermanAnna Rebecca McFarland1
ZachElaine's Co-worker at J. PetermanJonathan Penner1
Roger IpswitchElaine's Co-worker at J. Peterman - AccountantMichael D. Roberts1
SamElaine's Co-worker at J. Peterman - Didn't Swing ArmsMolly Shannon1
Eddie ShermanElaine's Co-worker at J. Peterman - MailroomNed Bellamy1
BobElaine's Co-worker at J. Peterman - SidlerRob Schneider1
Lou Filerman Elaine's Co-worker at J. Peterman - SidlerBrent Hinkley1
MichaelElaine's Co-worker at Pendant Publishing Hiram Kasten3
TobyElaine's Co-worker at Pendant Publishing - Pinky ToeVeanne Cox1
FredElaine's Co-worker at Pendant Publishing - ReligiousTony Carlin1
Jean-PaulElaine's Colleague - MarathonerJeremiah Birkett1
Yuri TestikovElaine's Colleague - Russian WriterGeorge Murdock1
RavaElaine's Colleague - Writer - Wife of RayNurit Koppel1
Alton BenesElaine's FatherLawrence Tierney1
JoanneElaine's Friend Lisa Pescia4
ReneeElaine's Friend Veralyn Jones3
GailElaine's FriendJill Talley2
LisaElaine's Friend Jill Holden2
GregElaine's Friend - Airline PilotScott LaRose1
JoyceElaine's Friend - Arobics InstructorIlana Levine1
GeneElaine's Friend - Bizarro GeorgeKyle T. Heener1
FeldmanElaine's Friend - Bizarro KramerPat Kilbane1
VivianElaine's Friend - Boyfriend of George - Mother of JimmyKellie Waymire1
LeslieElaine's Friend - Ex-Performance ArtistChristine Dunford2
KatyElaine's Friend - Friend of Marisa TomeiAnnabelle Gurwitch1
PamelaElaine's Friend - Friend of VanessaMaud Winchester1
NoreenElaine's Friend - Girlfriend of DanKelly Coffield2
David LooknerElaine's Friend - Husband of BethCary Elwes1
Michael SanduskyElaine's Friend - Husband of RobinJoseph Malone1
Arlene   Elaine's Friend - Met Ned at the MallDenise Poirier1
WinonaElaine's Friend - Native-AmericanKimberly Norris1
JoanneElaine's Friend - NY Marathon PartyMelody Ryane1
RitaElaine's Friend - NY Marathon PartyLeslie Neale1
RoxanneElaine's Friend - NY Marathon PartyJeanine Jackson1
StanElaine's Friend - NY Marathon PartyDavid Blackwood1
WendyElaine's Friend - Physical TherapistWendie Malick1
DanElaine's Friend - ProtesterHarley Venton1
JudyElaine's Friend - Viking PressCoby Turner2
Beth LooknerElaine's Friend - Wife of Arnie - Wife of DavidDebra Messing2
Robin Sandusky Elaine's Friend - Wife of MichaelAnn Talman1
VargusElaine's Friend -Bizarro NewmanMark S. Larson1
Wilton MarshallElaine's Friend from High School CampJeff Oetjen1
Rabbi GlickmanElaine's Neighbor - RabbiBruce Mahler4
JudyElaine's Neighbor - Single MotherSusan Isaacs1
Sue Ellen MischkeElaine's Nemesis - BralessBrenda Strong4
TinaElaine's Roommate - Girlfriend of Kramer - ActressSiobhan Fallon3
Mrs. OliverElaine's Senior CitizenEdie McClurg (not credited)1
KimEllen's FriendMichelle Maika1
MelissaEllen's FriendJustine Slater1
McAdamEmployee at FirestoneStan Sellers1
MilosEmployee of Tennis Pro ShopMark Harelik1
CharmaineEthan's Friend - Costume DesignerKim Chase1
JesseEthan's Friend - Personal Assistant to George HamiltonMichael McDonald2
ClaytonExecutive at Houston AstrosLeon Russom1
GardnerExecutive at Houston AstrosCharles Cyphers1
ZekeExecutive at Houston AstrosErnie Lively1
James KimbroughExecutive at NBC Peter Riegert3
Stu ChermakExecutive at NBCKevin Page2
Jay CrespiExecutive at NBCPeter Blood1
Mr. ElinoffExecutive at New Yorker MagazinePaul Benedict1
MinklerExecutive at NY MetsMichael Laskin1
MooneyExecutive at NY MetsBruce Jarchow1
Mr. MandelExecutive at Viking PressGuy Siner1
AronsonExecutive in Spring Water Merger James Sweeney1
BeckExecutive in Spring Water MergerDavid Blackwood1
Mr. BurnsExecutive of a Coffee ShopKenneth Ryan1
Mr. StarExecutive of a Coffee ShopRichard McGonagle1
Ms. JordanExecutive of a Coffee ShopKymberley S. Newberry1
Ms. WilkieExecutive of Tobacco CompanyFern Fitzgerald1
KarlExterminator Ellis Williams2
Calvin KleinFamous DesignerNicholas Hormann2
CastroFidel CastroMichael Sorich1
Karl FarbmanFurniture DesignerDave Pierce1
GepettoFurniture RefinisherRalph Manza1
Clarence EldridgeGeorge's Acquaintance - Andrea Doria SurvivorRay Stricklyn1
Harry FongGeorge's Acquaintance - Bought Susan's Opera TicketGlen Chin1
Joe TempleGeorge's Acquaintance - Breakfast at Tiffany's - Father of RemyRobert Hooks2
JaniceGeorge's Acquaintance - NY Marathon PartyTheresa Randle1
SusieGeorge's Acquaintance - NY Marathon PartyPatricia Amaye Thomson1
SheilaGeorge's Acquaintance - Photo Developer GirlHeather Campbell1
RonGeorge's Acquaintance - Photo Developer ManBari K. Willerford1
AmandaGeorge's Acquaintance - Receptionist at Brandt-LelandJustina Vail1
BobGeorge's Acquaintance - Suit ShopperMark Beltzman1
Mrs. RicardiGeorge's Acquaintance - Tenant Board MemberDiana Bellamy1
CarolGeorge's Acquaintance - Woman in BarDayna Winston1
RitaGeorge's Acquaintance at PartyAnne Twomey2
VictoriaGeorge's Acquaintance at the Coffee ShopDedee Pfeiffer1
Mr. KrugerGeorge's Boss at Kruger Industrial Smoothing Daniel von Bargen4
George SteinbrennerGeorge's Boss at NY YankeesLee BearMitch Mitchell16
Mr. ThomassouloGeorge's Boss at Play Now Gordon Jump2
LevitanGeorge's Boss at Real Estate CompanyFred Applegate1
Mr. TuttleGeorge's Boss at SanalacJack Shearer1
Arthur PenskyGeorge's Client at SanalacMichael Fairman1
CocoGeorge's Co-worker at Kruger Industrial SmoothingDavenia McFadden1
SandyGeorge's Co-worker at Kruger Industrial SmoothingStacey Herring1
WatkinsGeorge's Co-worker at Kruger Industrial SmoothingDamon Jones1
Mr. Morgan George's Co-worker at NY Yankees Tom Wright4
BillGeorge's Co-worker at NY Yankees Richard Livingston1
FredGeorge's Co-worker at NY Yankees Charles Kahlenberg1
ReillyGeorge's Co-worker at NY Yankees Joel Polis1
GlennGeorge's Co-worker at Play NowBrian J. Williams1
BillGeorge's Co-worker at Real Estate CompanyDeck McKenzie4
DanGeorge's Co-worker at Real Estate CompanyMarcus Smythe1
GreenyGeorge's Co-worker at Real Estate CompanyJohn Hillner1
GlendaGeorge's Co-worker at Real Estate Company - WigPatrika Darbo2
MikeGeorge's Co-worker at SanalacKenny Myles1
RhisaGeorge's CousinLaurie Taylor-Williams1
ShellyGeorge's CousinRachel Sweet1
Frank CostanzaGeorge's FatherJerry Stiller (28)John Randolph (1)29
Debby BibeloGeorge's Friend - Didn't Say HiBarbara Alyn Woods; 1
Deena LazzariGeorge's Friend from Old Neighborhood - Daughter of Pop Mary Jo Keenen3
KarenGeorge's Girlfriend Lisa Edelstein2
Lindsay EnrightGeorge's GirlfriendJessica Hecht2
Daphne BowerGeorge's GirlfriendKarla Tamburrelli1
PatriceGeorge's Girlfriend - AccountantValerie Mahaffey1
PaulaGeorge's Girlfriend - Art StudentChrista Miller2
DeniseGeorge's Girlfriend - BaldJoan Elizabeth1
JulieGeorge's Girlfriend - Big Salad CreditMichelle Forbes1
Diane DeConnGeorge's Girlfriend - College Classmate of Jerry and GeorgeRosalind Allen1
HeatherGeorge's Girlfriend - Didn't Have His HatKymberly Kalil1
SylviaGeorge's Girlfriend - Employee of GepettoCarissa Channing1
TaraGeorge's Girlfriend - Food and LovemakingAudrey Kissel1
CynthiaGeorge's Girlfriend - Friend of ElaineMaggie Jakobson1
DanielleGeorge's Girlfriend - Girlfriend of NeilChelsea Noble1
MonicaGeorge's Girlfriend - IQ TesterDawn Arnemann1
JanetGeorge's Girlfriend - Jerry Look-alikeTracy Nelson1
LouiseGeorge's Girlfriend - MonoTamara Bick1
Carrie SokolGeorge's Girlfriend - Mrs. Sokol's DaughterCarol Ann Susi2
AudreyGeorge's Girlfriend - Nose JobSusan Diol1
Mary AnneGeorge's Girlfriend - NY Visitor's CenterRena Sofer1
CarolGeorge's Girlfriend - Phone MessageTory Polone1
NoelGeorge's Girlfriend - PianistElizabeth Morehead1
MirandaGeorge's Girlfriend - Pigeons and SquirrelArabella Field1
Celia MorganGeorge's Girlfriend - PrisonerAndrea Bendewald1
BetsyGeorge's Girlfriend - Sister of TimmyMegan Mullally1
NinaGeorge's Girlfriend - Slept with JerryJustine Miceli1
NinaGeorge's Girlfriend - Suspected BulemicCharlotte Lewis1
AllisonGeorge's Girlfriend - Tall, Blond, LitheShannon Kenny1
Nancy KlopperGeorge's Girlfriend - The MoveMarla Sucharetza1
GwenGeorge's Girlfriend - Todd's PartyLinda Kash1
JaneGeorge's Girlfriend - Topless in The HamptonsMelora Walters1
BonnieGeorge's Girlfriend - Velvet CouchJessica Tuck1
RobinGeorge's Girlfriend - Waitress at Comedy ClubMelanie Chartoff2
LorettaGeorge's Girlfriend - Won't Break UpIlleana Douglas1
MauraGeorge's Girlfriend - Won't Break UpAlex Kapp1
MarcyGeorge's Girlfriend - Yada YadaSuzanne Cryer1
SienaGeorge's Girlfriend - Zoo WorkerKaty Selverstone1
AvaGeorge's Girlfriend and Co-worker at Real Estate CompanyTeri Austin2
Susan RossGeorge's Girlfriend and FiancéeHeidi Swedberg28
Mr. CushmanGeorge's Interviewer for Job at NY YankeesPaul Gleason1
RaymondGeorge's Massage TherapistJeff Lester1
Estelle CostanzaGeorge's MotherEstelle Harris28
Lloyd BraunGeorge's NemesisMatt McCoy (2)Ralph Bruneau (1)Peter Keleghan3
MacKenzieGeorge's Prospective EmployerLane Davies1
AdaGeorge's Secretary at NY Yankees Vicki Lewis2
ClarisseGeorge's Secretary at SanalacPeggy Maltby1
Ben CantwellGeorge's Senior CitizenRobert Donley1
Mr. WilhelmGeorge's Supervisor at NY YankeesRichard Herd11
Dana FoleyGeorge's Therapist Gina Hecht3
Mrs. Sokol (Lenore)George's Unemployment Counselor - Mother of CarrieRae Allen2
HorstGerman TouristNick Jameson1
AlisonGlenn's WifeBonnie McNeil1
RustyHomeless ManJon Gries2
Hobo JoeHomeless Man - Rickshaw Pulling ProspectSloppy Joe1
Mrs. SweedlerHospital AdministratorDebra Mooney1
ScottHospital PatientDeck McKenzie1
Steve PocatelloHost of Long Island Party - Husband of JennyMichael Chiklis1
JennyHostess of Long Island Party - Wife of SteveMarcia Firesten1
MommaJ. Peterman's MotherEllen Albertini Dow1
Mr. OhJapanese TouristGedde Watanabe1
Mr. TanakaJapanese TouristToshi Toda1
Mr. YamaguchiJapanese TouristGoh Misawa1
Barry ProfitJerry's Accountant - SnifferJohn Kapelos1
Mary ContardiJerry's Acquaintance - Dated Once Never Called BackMargaret Reed1
Gavin PaloneJerry's Acquaintance - Dog Owner on PlaneJoseph Maher1
CorinneJerry's Acquaintance - Hit on Head with OrganizerCarol Kane1
PaulaJerry's Acquaintance - Paid for Her Dry CleaningRebecca Glenn1
KeriJerry's Acquaintance at Joe Mayo's PartyJennette Robbins1
KatieJerry's Agent Debra Jo Rupp2
EnzoJerry's Barber - Uncle of GinoAnthony Ponzini1
HaroldJerry's Building SuperintendentGlenn Shadix1
JulioJerry's Building SuperintendentJulio Oscar Mechoso1
MannyJerry's Building SuperintendentTony Plana1
SilvioJerry's Building SuperintendentJon Polito1
CharlesJerry's Butler in the PilotBrian Bradley1
ConradJerry's ContractorStephen Lee1
Morty SeinfeldJerry's FatherBarney Martin (21)Philip Bruns (1)22
Phil TitolaJerry's Friend - Dated Elaine - Took it OutMark Tymchyshyn1
SethJerry's Friend - Kenny Rogers Roasters ManagerMark Roberts1
Alec BergJerry's Friend - Rangers Season Ticket HolderMark DeCarlo1
Frankie MermanJerry's Friend - The Summer GeorgeDana Gould1
Tim WhatleyJerry's Friend and DentistBryan Cranston5
RoyJerry's Friend and DentistRalph Bruneau1
Elaine BenesJerry's Friend and Ex-girlfriendJulia Louis-Dreyfus174
Cosmo KramerJerry's Friend and NeighborMichael Richards175
Duncan MeyersJerry's Friend from High SchoolDon R. McManus   1
Sherry BeckerJerry's Friend from High SchoolCynthia Szigeti1
Joel HorneckJerry's Friend from SchoolKevin Dunn1
George CostanzaJerry's Friend Since Elementary SchoolJason Alexander175
Lena SmallJerry's Girlfriend - AIDS WalkerJennifer Guthrie1
MelissaJerry's Girlfriend - Bad NakedKathleen McClellan1
JennaJerry's Girlfriend - Bania's Girlfriend Kristin Davis2
PamJerry's Girlfriend - Bookstore WorkerKim Myers1
Tia Van KampJerry's Girlfriend - Calvin Klein ModelJennifer Campbell2
JaneJerry's Girlfriend - Can't Spare a SquareJami Gertz1
HollyJerry's Girlfriend - Cousin of ElaineStacey Travis1
GenniceJerry's Girlfriend - CryerAdelaide Miller1
AudreyJerry's Girlfriend - Daughter of PoppieSuzanne Snyder1
LauraJerry's Girlfriend - Deaf LineswomanMarlee Matlin1
MelanieJerry's Girlfriend - Eats Peas One at a TimeAthena Massey1
MarleneJerry's Girlfriend - Ex-girlfriend of GeorgeTracy Kolis1
MargaretJerry's Girlfriend - Ex-girlfriend of NewmanMarita Geraghty1
LisiJerry's Girlfriend - Finished Jerry's SentencesJulia Campbell1
AllisonJerry's Girlfriend - George's Girlfriend - Susan's GirlfriendKari Coleman3
PattyJerry's Girlfriend - Get MadLori Loughlin1
GinaJerry's Girlfriend - Girlfriend of MartinGina Gallego1
KatyaJerry's Girlfriend - GymnastElina Löwensohn1
AngelaJerry's Girlfriend - Hit-and-Run DriverMelinda McGraw1
Jeannie SteinmanJerry's Girlfriend - Just Like JerryJaneane Garofalo2
VanessaJerry's Girlfriend - LawyerLynn Clark2
Valerie HamiltonJerry's Girlfriend - Level-jumperLauren Graham1
DonnaJerry's Girlfriend - Liked Dockers CommercialGretchen German1
AlexJerry's Girlfriend - Liked Hairless MenMelinda Clarke1
AmyJerry's Girlfriend - Likes Air ConditioningAnna Gunn1
GillianJerry's Girlfriend - Man-handsKristin Bauer1
JodiJerry's Girlfriend - MasseuseJennifer Coolidge1
AbbyJerry's Girlfriend - MentoredA.J. Langer1
KarenJerry's Girlfriend - Miss Rhode IslandMarguerite MacIntyre1
DoloresJerry's Girlfriend - Mystery NameSusan Walters2
EllenJerry's Girlfriend - No FriendsChristine Taylor1
SandiJerry's Girlfriend - Non-laugherJann Karam1
Donna ChangJerry's Girlfriend - Not ChineseAngela Dohrmann1
ShellyJerry's Girlfriend - Nut Spitter-outerDana Wheeler-Nicholson1
ChristieJerry's Girlfriend - One DressLisa Deanne1
Nina WestJerry's Girlfriend - Painter - Daughter of Leonard WestCatherine Keener1
KristinJerry's Girlfriend - PBS VolunteerRebecca Staab1
Sergeant TierneyJerry's Girlfriend - Police OfficerKatherine LaNasa1
Sharon LeonardJerry's Girlfriend - Reporter for NYU PaperPaula Marshall1
NaomiJerry's Girlfriend - Restaurant HostessJessica Lundy2
Rachel GoldsteinJerry's Girlfriend - Schindler's List Make-outMelanie Smith3
SheilaJerry's Girlfriend - SchmoopyAlexandra Wentworth1
IsabelJerry's Girlfriend - Sexy Bad ActressTawny Kitaen1
Sara SitaridesJerry's Girlfriend - Skin DoctorMarcia Cross1
SidraJerry's Girlfriend - Spectacular BreastsTeri Hatcher3
ClaireJerry's Girlfriend - Talking NavelSara Rose Peterson1
BridgetteJerry's Girlfriend - The Diplomat's ClubBerta Maria Waagfjord1
CeliaJerry's Girlfriend - Toy CollectionJulia Pennington1
SophieJerry's Girlfriend - Tractor StoryCindy Ambuehl1
GwenJerry's Girlfriend - Two-faceKaren Fineman1
Marla PennyJerry's Girlfriend - VirginJane Leeves4
LanetteJerry's Girlfriend - Waitress - Girlfriend of LyleAmanda Peet1
LoisJerry's Girlfriend - Worked for DuncanRenee Props1
MerylJerry's Girlfriend -The WifeCourteney Cox1
CindyJerry's Girlfriend and MaidAngela Featherstone1
NanaJerry's Grandmother - Mother of Helen and Uncle LeoBillye Ree Wallace3
Mr. HeymanJerry's Gym Teacher in High SchoolBiff Yeager1
Mr. BevilaquaJerry's Gym Teacher in Junior High SchoolClaude Earl Jones1
RayJerry's Housekeeper - Husband of RavaMichael D. Conway1
JuliannaJerry's Massage TherapistTerri Hanauer1
Tony AbatoJerry's MechanicBrad Garrett1
Helen SeinfeldJerry's MotherLiz Sheridan22
MartinJerry's Neighbor - Boyfriend of GinaC.E. Grimes1
Becky GelkeJerry's Neighbor - Hit-and-Run VictimHelen Slater1
JoanJerry's Neighbor - Kiss HelloMary Scheer2
JackJerry's Neighbor - Kiss HelloMark Fite1
JeffJerry's Neighbor - Kiss HelloTimothy McNeil1
LouiseJerry's Neighbor - Kiss HelloWendy Worthington1
MaryJerry's Neighbor - Kiss HelloRondi Reed1
SteveJerry's Neighbor - Kiss HelloC.D. LaBove1
SteveJerry's Neighbor - Kiss HelloCarl LaBove1
NewmanJerry's Neighbor - MailmanWayne Knight47
MaryedithJerry's Neighbor - Mother of Matthew Maryedith Burrell2
PhilJerry's Neighbor - Owner of ParrotLouis Mustillo1
ArtieJerry's Relative Ron Steelman1
CarolJerry's Relative Ellen Gerstein1
Sid FieldsJerry's Senior CitizenBill Erwin2
Uncle MacJerry's UncleJoe George1
Uncle LeoJerry's Uncle - Brother of HelenLen Lesser15
Remy TempleJoe Temple's DaughterDiana Theodore2
Judge VandelayJudge - FinaleStanley Anderson1
LotusKorean ManicuristAlexandra Bokyun Chun1
SunnyKorean ManicuristVonnie C. Rhee1
KimKorean Manicurist - Former Girlfriend of FrankAmy Hill1
RubyKorean Manicurist - Owner of Nail ParlorJune Kyoko Lu1
Mr. ClotworthyKramer's AcquaintanceClive Rosengren2
LuisKramer's Acquaintance - Cuban EmbassyMiguel Perez1
ChelseaKramer's Acquaintance - Los Angeles ActressDebi A. Monahan1
Earl HafflerKramer's Acquaintance - Texas GamblerO'Neal Compton2
LorraineKramer's Acquaintance on the StreetJacqueline M. Houston1
GinoKramer's Barber - Nephew of EnzoDavid Ciminello1
Mr. LelandKramer's Boss at Brandt-LelandJ. Patrick McCormack1
StanKramer's CaddyArmin Shimerman1
GuillermoKramer's Cuban ManMarco Rodriguez1
Dr. KorvalKramer's Doctor at Fertility ClinicWill Utay1
John GrossbardKramer's Former RoommateAllan Wasserman1
FDRKramer's Friend Michael McShane2
Mickey AbbottKramer's Friend - Actor - Little PersonDanny Woodburn8
Mike MoffitKramer's Friend - BookieLee Arenberg2
Joe DavolaKramer's Friend - CrazyPeter Crombie4
Steve GendasonKramer's Friend - Ex-baseball PlayerDean Hallo1
ClydeKramer's Friend - Friend of John GermaineLeonard Lightfoot1
DennisKramer's Friend - Hansom Cab OperatorDon Amendolia1
Tor AkmanKramer's Friend - Holistic HealerStephen Tobolowsky1
BrodyKramer's Friend - Movie PiraterNeil Giuntoli1
DwayneKramer's Friend - OpticianTimothy Stack1
AnnaKramer's Girlfriend - African-AmericanLili Bernard1
Sally Kramer's Girlfriend - Big BehindJudith Shelton1
OliveKramer's Girlfriend - Cashier at the Coffee ShopSunday Theodore1
JulieKramer's Girlfriend - Friend of JulieMonica Lacy1
LolaKramer's Girlfriend - HandicappedDonna Evans1
EmilyKramer's Girlfriend - Jimmy LegsSarah Silverman1
MarionKramer's Girlfriend - LibrarianAshley Gardner1
LeslieKramer's Girlfriend - Low-talkerWendel Meldrum2
Sister RobertaKramer's Girlfriend - Nun-to-beMolly Hagan1
ConnieKramer's Girlfriend - Trapped BeneathLisa Kushell1
Hildy Kramer's Girlfriend - Waitress at Reggie'sLinda Wallem1
SenseiKramer's Karate TeacherStuart Quan1
Jackie ChilesKramer's LawyerPhil Morris6
ShellbachKramer's LawyerBen Stein1
Babs KramerKramer's Mother Sheree North2
HeleneKramer's Neighbor in Los Angeles - Old Movie ActressElmarie Wendel2
DarinKramer's Personal AssistantJerrad Paul1
LyleLanette's BoyfriendBlake Gibbons1
Lt. BookmanLibrary Investigation Officer Philip Baker Hall2
Mrs. EnrightLindsay's MotherLois Nettleton1
JoeyLittle Boy - Big Brother ProgramJason Manary1
BillyLittle Boy - Son of JuliannaJoshua Liebling1
MatthewLittle Boy - Son of MaryedithJohn Christian Graas2
JimmyLittle Boy - Son of VivianColton James1
BobbyLittle Boy at Hospital Thomas Dekker2
JoeyLittle Boy in Karate ClassTodd Bosley2
FaithyLittle Girl - Daughter of RulaAimee Aro1
ClaraLittle Girl - Roughed Up KramerPaige Tamada1
The Flying Sandos BrothersMagic and Juggling TroupeThe Flying Karamazov Brothers1
Jerry SeinfeldMain CharacterJerry Seinfeld180
BruceMaitre'd at Chinese Restaurant James Hong1
Jocylin LandisManager at Doubleday Gail Strickland2
BobManager at The Andover ShopZack Phifer1
HarryManager of H&H Bagel ShopDavid Florek1
LarryManager of the Coffee ShopLawrence Mandely6
KernisManager of The ImprovTom La Grua1
GeneManager of Video StoreJeff Hatz1
IsaacManya's HusbandDavid Fresco1
MarieMember of Book ClubJessica Hecht1
KarenMickey's Girlfriend then WifeAli Marsh1
PattyMilos' WifeIvana Milavich1
ManyaMorty's 2nd Cousin - Polish - Wife of IsaacRozsika Halmos1
Mrs. ZanfinoMother of JoeyDiana Castle2
Mrs. SangerMother of The Bubble BoyCarol Mansell2
Leonard WestMr. Lippman's Accountant - Father of NinaRichard Venture1
Adam LippmanMr. Lippman's SonRoss Malinger1
Mr. GreenMr. Pitt's NeighborJack Betts1
Mrs. PaytonMr. Pitt's NeighborEdith Fields1
Mr. ReichmanMutual Acquaintance - Husband of Mrs. ReichmanRoss Evans1
Mrs. ReichmanMutual Acquaintance - Wife of Mr. ReichmanHarriet S. Miller1
StacyMutual Acquaintance - Woman in BarLeah Lail1
DianeMutual Acquaintance at PartyKimberley Kates1
The DrakeMutual FriendRick Overton2
AlecMutual Friend - Big Brother VolunteerDorien Wilson1
Steve D'GiffMutual Friend - Executive at Calvin KleinBill Applebaum1
Gary FogelMutual Friend - Faked CancerJon Lovitz1
MichaelMutual Friend - Father of The BabyStephen Prutting2
RobertaMutual Friend - Friend of Richie ApellKate Benton2
John MolikaMutual Friend - Friend of Richie ApellFred Sanders1
Joe MayoMutual Friend - Fur CoatPat Finn1
FultonMutual Friend - HospitalMichael Rivkin1
Stan FlickMutual Friend - Husband of MyraTom Alan Robbins1
Richie ApellMutual Friend - Intervention TargetChris Barnes1
CarolMutual Friend - Mother of The BabyLisa Mende5
ToddMutual Friend - PartyJerry Sroka1
LarryMutual Friend - Party - Husband of CarolJames F. Dean1
Jason Mutual Friend - Recovering AlcoholicJames Spader1
JimmyMutual Friend - Third-person TalkerAnthony Starke1
Al Netchie Mutual Friend - Warned Daphne about GeorgeW. Earl Brown1
Myra FlickMutual Friend - Wife of StanJeannie Elias1
BuddyNana's Friend at Nursing HomeGene Elman1
TimNeo-nazi Man in LimoPeter Krause1
EvaNeo-Nazi Woman in LimoSuzanne Snyder2
DanNoreen's Boyfriend - High-talkerBrian Reddy1
KeithOffice Worker at DoubledayTerry Sweeney1
Leapin' LarryOwner of Appliance StoreLewis Arquette1
MarcelinoOwner of Bodega - Cock FightsMiguel Sandoval2
SpikeOwner of Cigar StoreIrvin Mosley Jr.1
JoeOwner of Fruit StandLeonard Termo1
VicOwner of LaundromatJohn Capodice1
RonOwner of Record StoreTobin Bell1
Poppie (Poppy)Owner of Restaurant - Father of AudreyReni Santoni4
Babu BhattOwner of Restaurant - Neighbor of JerryBrian George3
PopOwner of Shoe Repair Shop - Husband of MomMichael Robello1
MomOwner of Shoe Repair Shop - Wife of PopElsa Raven1
StubsOwner of Sports Memorabilia Store - Friend of KramerIan Patrick Williams1
Don TylerOwner of Tyler Chicken(unknown)1
RudyOwner of Vintage Clothing StoreMichael G. Hagerty1
Eric the ClownParty ClownJon Favreau1
SheilaPasserby - Liked George's HatShannon Cochran1
Mr. ParryPatient of Dr. SitaridesDavid Moreland1
Mr. CohenPatron of Chinese RestaurantDavid Tress1
Mr. HaarwoodPatron of the Alex TheaterEric Christmas1
Sally WeaverPerformance Artist - College Roommate of SusanKathy Griffin2
Captain MaddoxPilot of NBC Private JetSteve Carlson1
CherylPing's Cousin and LawyerMaggie Han2
Zubin RanawatPinter's FatherBart Braverman1
Usha RenawatPinter's MotherNoor Shic1
RalphPizza Delivery GuyRalph Harris Jr.1
Officer Matt VogelPolice Officer - Arrested Jerry and the Gang in The FinaleScott Jaeck1
Officer MorganPolice Officer - Eye PatchIvory Ocean1
LouPolice Officer - Polygraph OperatorJerry Diner1
RamonPool Guy Carlos Jacott2
DustinPool Guy - Friend of RamonDom Magwili1
PaulPool Guy - Friend of RamonAlec Mapa1
Mr. GiggioPoppie's CousinPaul Michael1
John HanaranPower Guy at Con EdDaniel Zacapa1
Russell DalrymplePresident of NBCBob Balaban5
Rita KiersonPresident of NBCAnne Twomey1
Father JessupPriest - Aunt Clarice's FuneralBruce E. Morrow1
Father HernandezPriest - El SalvadorPierrino Mascarino1
Father CurtisPriest - Married Mickey and KarenHenry Woronicz2
Lewis Maxton GrahamProducer - Scarsdale SurprisePeter Dennis1
RulaPsychicMimi Lieber1
Mr. GoldsteinRachel's FatherStephen Pearlman1
MalcolmRaquel Welch's Producer Tucker Smallwood3
Slippery PeteRogue Electrician - The FroggerPeter Stormare1
PamRoy's ReceptionistLiz Georges1
Molly DalrympleRussell Dalrymple's DaughterDenise Lee Richards1
CynthiaRussell's GirlfriendMimi Craven1
Sal BassSalman Rushdie Look-alike - Boyfriend of SidraTony Amendola2
Laura Sandy's Room Mate - LaugherHeather Medway1
WillieService Advisor at Car DealershipMichael Kagan1
Tim FieldsSid Fields' SonJerry Hauck1
Tobias Lehigh NagySmog StranglerClint Howard1
Elsa CarlisleSpecialty Modeling AgencyDeborah May1
BobStreet ToughYul Vazquez3
Cedric (Ray)Street Tough John Paragon3
Ray (Cedric)Street Tough John Paragon1
Steven KorenStudent - Grant Prospect of Susan Ross FoundationJed Rhein1
Pinter (Peter)Sue Ellen's Fiance - Ex-boyfriend of ElaineShaun Toub1
SaraSusan's AuntPatricia Lee Willson1
RickySusan's BrotherTimothy Omundson1
CarrieSusan's Cousin - Wife of KenShannon Holt1
Mr. RossSusan's FatherWarren Frost5
MonicaSusan's FriendSusan Moore1
HallieSusan's Friend - Friar's ClubSamantha Smith1
EthanSusan's Friend - Wig MasterPatrick Bristow1
MonaSusan's Girlfriend - Lesbian GolferViveka Davis1
Mrs. RossSusan's MotherGrace Zabriskie5
NedSusan's UncleJames Noah1
Donald SangerThe Bubble BoyJon Hayman3
AllisonThe Drake's FiancéeElizabeth Dennehy1
MishaTightrope Walker - Friend of KatyaMaurice Godin1
ShlomoTruck Driver - The FroggerReuven Bar1
ClickyUmbrella SalesmanTony V.1
Teddy PadillacUmbrella SalesmanJohn Bowman1
Lorraine CatalanoUncle Leo's Co-workerJudy Kain1
StellaUncle Leo's WifeMagda Harout1
Mrs. HamiltonValerie's MotherLouan Gideon1
RogerVanessa's CousinWilliam Fair1
Irwin LubeckVintage Pastry AppraiserOliver Muirhead1
KellyWaitress at the Coffee Shop - Spurned GeorgeTracy Kolis2
BetsyWarden at Women's PrisonKathryn Joosten1
Willie Sr.Willie's Father - Car DealershipHoward Mann1
EllenWoman at Party on Long IslandEllen Ratner1
Mr. PlessZookeeperRaye Birk1